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Research steers our advocacy and grantmaking work and helps us pinpoint the most effective and data-driven solutions. Since 1987, WFCO has completed more than 30 research reports that have told us which women in Colorado face the greatest challenges in reaching economic security, where the hurdles exist, and what changes are needed.

Not only does our WAGES (Women Achieving Greater Economic Security) research guide our own strategies, we use it to inform many communities working to create change alongside us – policymakers, nonprofits, businesses, coalitions, and more.

Recent research reports from WFCO and our partners include Gender Equity in Colorado’s STEM Industries: The Case for Focused Workforce Investment, The Impact of a $12 Minimum Wage on Women in Colorado, and Child Care Affordability in Colorado.

In 2018, WFCO will pursue answers to important questions with our research, such as “What constitutes a livable wage?” “How do families know when they’ve reached it?” “What does it take to reach economic self-sufficiency and more?”

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