2017 WFCO Direct Service Grantmaking Committee

The Direct Service Grantmaking Committee was established to support the implementation of the grantmaking priorities identified by the 2017-2021 Strategic Plan. The committee advises the WFCO Board of Trustees on grantmaking decisions regarding the direct service members of the Livable Wage Cohort, based on review of all letters of interest (LOIs), proposals, and reports submitted by direct service applicants and grantees, as well as participation in learning opportunities with the cohort. The committee is made up of a group of diverse volunteers that represent our entire state. If you are interested in future opportunities to participate in the committee, please check back to this page in 2018.

2017 Livable Wage Grantmaking Committee
Left to right: Dusti Gurule, Raymond Foxworth, Patti Klinge, Vijay Kotte, Louise Esquibel, Johanna Leyba, Caleb Munro, Mallory Garner-Wells, Kim Desmond, Sandra Cook, Mari Tanabe, Nancy Hartley, Indya Clark, Trish Orman, Benita Duran, Cori Wong, Louise Myrland

Direct Service Grantmaking Committee Members not pictured: Lindy Conter, La Kischa Cook, Emily Davis, Carole Johnson, Tera Jones, Pat Kendall, Shelby Kindell, Deb Luginbuhl, Cookie Murphy-Pettee, Cathy Pomeroy, Holly Simpson, Kristin Stork, Shashi Unnithan

Public Policy Committee Members not pictured:  Ana Kemp, Steph Bruno, Meredi Vaughan, Dolores Atencio, Colleen Dougherty

If you have any questions, please contact Alison Friedman, manager of programs, at alisonf@wfco.org or 303-285-2972.

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